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Review Into Where You Can Get Married Now Underway!

Ina Prodanova bridesmaid tiaras

Happy couples looking to tie the knot in the near future could soon find they have a lot more meaningful options than in the past.

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Animal Print: The Trend That Refuses To Go Out Of Style

Ina Prodanova

We love a bit of animal print, if you couldn't have guessed from some of our designs for modern earrings, and its role in fashion is actually pretty interesting.

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Ideas For Beautiful Wedding Hair Accessories

Ina Prodanova wedding hair accessories UK

One thing that can make a big difference to your look as you walk down the aisle is the right hair accessory. Visit our blog for some top style tips...

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3 Style Ideas For Festivals This Year

Ina Prodanova

Festival season is upon us so if you haven’t started planning your outfits then now’s the time to put your thinking caps on & check out these hot styles!

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Find Your Ideal Earring Trend

Ina Prodanova unique acrylic jewellery

Earrings are one of the big trends sweeping the fashion world this summer and one of the great things is that there are styles to suit everyone.

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