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Ina Prodanova

I adore big jewellery, especially big statement earrings and not surprisingly geometric jewellery turned to be a huge trend in these last few years. Such dramatic lines! No wonder that my new Geometric Earrings Designs just landed, alongside a few Flower Necklaces and I'm so inspired to share that sharp and dramatic passion of angular shapes with you!

A bold statement piece of jewellery could really stand out if it’s successfully incorporated into your personal style. I usually pick up bold geometric jewellery from Sharp & Bold collection not only because it  is a current fashion trend but because I can pair it with a classic, and minimalistic outfit most likely to be the most overlooked item in the closet - the white t-shirt. And It has been all over the Spring Catwalks ! and you too can get in on the trend and feel amazingly modern wearing these simple yet eye-catching shapes!

Statement Earrings:

Earrings are a huge staple piece that can complete your look. Choose a sleek sophisticated design in a triangle /or my favourite crescent shaped earrings/ and pointed shape earrings with a dynamic bold outfit and you are ready to go! Earrings are that one accessory that can make anyone's outfit look more classy and really enhance any look and picking the right colour can go well with your skin tone which really helps.

Details: Crescent Statement Earrings


Statement necklaces always complete a look but can be hard to wear if you don't know how. It is very important you choose a necklace that reflects your style and personality. Wear these statement pieces with a solid colour outfit as this will make the necklace stand out even more with that pop of color on it.

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Rings are the easiest way to go if you are not confident in wearing big bold pieces, start simply,  with just one ring - triangular shapes are the best to start with, as for colours go for gold or even mixing gold and silver is always good idea as it is classy and a big trend right now. I found some really affordable pieces in my local Primark. People love it for great designs and 10 times cheaper than a typical high street store.

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Details: Small Geometric Rings


Try out different shapes and colors when going for bangles. Big bold thick pieces will add edge and texture, thin and minimalistic bangles will add sophistication. Upper arm bangles are great way to upgrade your style with a touch of ethnicity great for a bohemian girl with a love of nature and beach. If you want to take it that step further and glam up your look bangles are great with summer dresses, shorts, jeans.

Available from Alex and Chloe

So there you have it just a few simple ways to wear geometric jewellery, there are so many benefits to wearing this gorgeous pieces of simplicity and it can represent power and confidence. Try this trend out today and you wont regret it!

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