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Animal Print: The Trend That Refuses To Go Out Of Style

Ina Prodanova

Animal print trend 2019


We love a bit of animal print, if you couldn't have guessed from some of our designs for modern earrings, and its role in fashion is actually pretty interesting.

Of course, once upon a time, animal prints were a little more literal, and rugs made from animal skin represented wealth and status for those rich and influential people so inclined to showcase them. However, in the modern day world of fashion, fur has thankfully lost its seat at the table and animal print is only recreated through fabric and pattern.

While it's true that animal prints go through cycles of their own, it always seems like one, in particular, is paving the way for the fashion forward. Leopard print has, for a few years now, been the go-to for the most fashionable women, as well as some men who are more creative and expressive with their style. But now it's had a mainstream revival, could leopard print be on the way out of style?

And, more importantly, what's the hot animal print right now? Well to quote Vogue: “Animal prints have become the new normal, and none are as compelling as zebra... It’s an easy way to add a wild edge to your basics” Yes, as well as basic black and white stripe prints, the new zebra print comes in a more surreal palette. Looks like these little modern earrings might be right on trend then.

We love the idea of lots of different animal prints in these hyper-realistic colours – they'll really add some 'wow' to your wardrobe.



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