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Find Your Ideal Earring Trend

Ina Prodanova unique acrylic jewellery

We all know that the right jewellery can elevate an outfit and be a great way to put your own personal stamp on things. Earrings are one of the big trends sweeping the fashion world this summer and one of the great things is that there are styles to suit everyone.

Popsugar recently picked out the seven biggest earring trends of the coming months, noting that there’s something there for everyone.

Gold hoop earrings were on the list, and while the publication noted that they’ll always be a wardrobe staple, there are opportunities to take these to the next level by choosing some hoops with subtle embellishments.

We recently offered some tips on how to embrace the wider hoop earring trend, such as by picking up some acrylic hoops to add some colour to your jewellery box.

Another trend highlighted by Popsugar is sculptural earrings, with the website describing these as “one of the biggest jewellery trends of the year”. You don’t have to stick to metal jewellery with this option, with the publication suggesting a wooden pair of earrings.

You could also find some sculptural acrylic earrings if you want something that will really stand out from the crowd.

Finally, you may want to rifle through your jewellery to see if you’ve got any pieces from the ‘80s, given that jewellery from this decade is once again becoming a favourite. “From chainmail to big bold flowers, chunky earrings reminiscent of the ‘80s have been making a comeback in the jewellery department,” the site noted.

Keep your eye out for some unique acrylic jewellery that could tick some of boxes if you’re hoping to embrace some of these trends this spring or summer.

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