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Hot Jewellery Tips For Spring!

Ina Prodanova floral tiaras

 While we’ve had to navigate some fairly chilly weather over the last few weeks, there’s no denying that there’s now a slight sense of spring in the air right now. We even saw some daffodils starting to poke their heads out of the ground a few days ago… a surefire sign that the weather is about to improve!

So no doubt you’re all starting to think about leaving your winter wardrobes far behind you and wondering what you’re going to wear, clothes and jewellery-wise, when spring hits us properly in a few weeks’ time.

In terms of trends for the upcoming season where accessories are concerned, headbands are going to be big news - but make sure that you go big and go bold in this regard, with lots of jewels, studs and luxurious fabrics to really make a statement with your head piece.

Layering is also going to be a key look but not just where necklaces are concerned… you’ll want to mix and match your anklets, arm bracelets and cuffs, and even your toe rings to really hit the look head on. Hopefully the weather will be warm enough for you to start thinking about getting your feet out of your winter boots!

And since it’s spring, never underestimate the power of the humble flower… Floral jewellery will always be popular and is the perfect way to really elevate an outfit, whether you’re off for a night out or simply heading to work.

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