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How To Embrace Sustainable Fashion This Spring

Ina Prodanova eco friendly jewellery

There has been a big shift in public perception when it comes to the environment. More and more of us are looking for ways to make eco-friendly and sustainable buying choices, with everything from our food to our clothes.

Of course, accessories, such as jewellery, also fall under this banner. Given that the right jewellery can transform an outfit, you may decide that it’s well worth paying a bit more for a real statement piece that you can wear over and over again and that will last you for years.

A recent article for Brit+Co highlighted some of the best ways to incorporate more sustainable items into your wardrobe as we move into summer.

On the list of suggested purchases was sustainably-sourced statement earrings. Investing in eco friendly jewellery is one of the more affordable ways to embrace this trend. That could cover everything from pieces made using upcycled materials to metals and stones that are responsibly sourced.

When it comes to clothing, the news provider recommends looking for items made from recycled fabrics and materials, as well as purchasing items made from natural fibres where possible. Organic cotton was a fabric mentioned multiple times, in relation to everything from underwear to denim jeans.

Earlier this year, an article for the Independent offered some advice on how to find ethical fashion brands. One of the top tips is to look on a company’s website for any mention of sustainability and their supply chain.

The newspaper noted that focusing on ethics and sustainability comes at a cost, and that means “they are going to want to shout about it”.

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