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How To Embrace The Hoop Earring Trend

Ina Prodanova acrylic jewellery

Hoop earrings are back in fashion, but you don’t have to dig out your oversized gold hoops from the ‘90s if you want to get on trend - the humble hoop earring has been reimagined and offers a more creative addition to your wardrobe.

The Evening Standard highlighted the trend for over-size, statement hoop earrings, which really do stand out.

There are lots of ways you can incorporate this kind of jewellery into your outfits, and you shouldn’t shy away from colour if you want to go all out with your hoops.

Unique acrylic jewellery has been growing in popularity, and the news provider noted that colourful hoop earrings can be the perfect way to add a pop of colour to your outfit. Acrylic jewellery is a good choice because of its versatility in terms of colours and shapes.

You could also opt for pearl hoop earrings if you want to embrace two trends in one. Shell jewellery promises to be big again as we move into the summer, so wearing earrings made from pearls is a great way to tick this box. And if they’re in a hoop shape then even better.

And for anyone who loves a bit of sparkle, consider investing in diamond (or diamante) hoops. You can pick oversize, chunky options or a hoop earring that’s a little slimmer and more subtle - whatever you feel will work best with your outfit.

Earlier this month, an article for Forbes noted that hoops featuring coloured gemstones and those that have a sculptural design are particularly appealing and likely to grow in popularity as we move through 2019.

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