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Who Had The Best Jewellery At The Oscars?

Ina Prodanova floral tiaras

We know that the Oscars was last month, but we’re still sifting through all the images of the fabulous outfits that graced the red carpet.

Often the focus at these events is on the striking gowns, but there are always some stunning accessories too. Vogue has put together a handy list of some of the top jewellery to be showcased at this year’s awards ceremony, and we think a few of them are bang on trend.

Bold necklaces definitely jumped out, with many of the stars wearing colourful jewels as well as the standard diamonds.

Amy Adams took an unusual approach, clipping a Cartier brooch to a necklace - a great example of how you can wear different kinds of jewellery for different events.

Lady Gaga wore a stunning Tiffany diamond necklace featuring the rather large Tiffany diamond. It was the perfect accessory for her simple yet elegant black dress.

If you’re keen to give the layering trend a go with your jewellery, take a look at how Charlize Theron accessorised her stunning powder-blue Dior gown. She wore a diamond necklace and choker from Bulgari and looked stunning.

Layering was one of the top spring jewellery trends we recently picked out, along with big and bold headbands.

Need some inspiration for headbands? Look no further than Rachel Weiss, who used two matching Cartier brooches to create a striking headband for her Oscars appearance.

If you’re looking for handcrafted jewellery for a special event, take a look at some of the pieces we offer.

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